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Flex FP160

The Flex Positioner is a 3D (XYZ) probe positioner plus a flexible, articulated arm that can be quickly positioned in a wide variety of configurations. The four arms connected through three joints are controlled by only one lock screw.

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RF Probe

The PS800 comprises the components to perform high accuracy microwave and package-level probing on a very large PCB at a very competitive price. This system can accommodate PCB sizes up to 20” to 30" with two sizes of bridge plates.

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Precision TP300

To support the smallest geometry and highest precision for microwave and wafer probing, the compact TP300 Precision Positioner is designed with the most precise components and built with highest quality; at the same time, it offers the most competitive price in the industry.

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Probe Solutions That Work

We provide innovative bench top probe stations and GHz durable probes. Engineers can focus on their measurement works without worrying about breaking the test probes.

Why PacketMicro

Through our own experience in high-speed designs and system expertise in wireless and RFID technologies, we set out to design products to help our own works and offer the same products to the engineering community. Through close interaction with our customers, we refine our products to meet their needs. Currently, we provide the most versatile, rugged, and competitive probing products in the industry. Our customers include some of the top technology companies.

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About PacketMicro

PacketMicro, based in Silicon Valley, provides a wide range of gigahertz probes, probe positioners, bench-top probe stations, and digital microscopes. In addition, PacketMicro offers wireless modules and engineering services in Bluetooth Smart, ZigBee, and wireless sensor networks. PacketMicro customers include many Fortune 100 companies.

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